Tempe Lands Rehabilitation

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About the Project

ADDRESS Bellevue Road, Tempe

VALUE $6 Million


Tempe Lands, a 47ha uncontrolled rubbish tip for 70 years, is located just 10km south of the Sydney CBD.

Marrickville Council invited tenders to provide a remediation strategy to turn this environmental disaster into a productive commercial and recreational area.

The Mainland Civil tender, although ranked third lowest, was chosen on the basis of offering the Council “best value for money”.

The methodology for the project included bentonite cut-off walls, extensive earthworks remodelling and the importation and placement of 200,000m3 of validated clean fill for capping and aesthetic reshaping.

Mainland Civil were able to manage and source the imported material from its own city excavation projects.

Eco sensitive wetlands, roads, services and a ‘golf driving range’ completed this environmentally-sensitive project.

Project Info

Client : Marrickville Council
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