136 Hay St, Haymarket

1 William St
1 William St
29 March, 2024
200 George Street
200 George Street
30 March, 2024

About the Project

ADDRESS  136 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000

VALUE $6.5 million


136 Hay Street consisted of a 18,500m3 bulk excavation for a new VOCO hotel and included the design and construction of the shoring system. This system included capping beam, piles, anchors and shotcrete, all of which needed to be designed in conjunction with the future structure of VOCO. Anchoring was designed to avoid exclusion zones of multiple tunnels and major service lines which surrounded the project.

The adjacent Ausgrid substation basement projected 5m into the ground level footprint and presented a series of challenges surrounding protection and vibration minimisation as the building contained highly sensitive equipment and machinery.

An existing high flow sewer line ran through the excavation footprint and a temporary diversion was required to be installed prior to the demolition of the existing structure. This took place while ensuring no interruption to the service.

A structural steel loading platform was built to allow trucks to be loaded for material export. A long reach excavator was employed towards the end of the project to reach down 17m to remove excavated material.